Be the miracle

We can’t be who we are now or become who we are going to be without our past experiences, and sometimes those past experiences, however insignificant or frivolous they may seem, intersect and connect themselves in the brain to form an idea.  5 experiences/pieces of knowledge have led me to one idea:  Need a Miracle, Be a Miracle.

#1 – You’re probably all familiar with the story of the woman who is stuck on the roof of her house during a flood.  She has faith that God will save her.  Several people come to rescue her, but she refuses their help saying that God will rescue her.  In the end, she dies because she failed to see that God tried to save her by sending people to rescue her.   One obvious take away from this story is that God helps us by sending His people to us.  We are the ones who do God’s work here on Earth.

#2 – That story always leads me to think of the movie Bruce Almighty.  At the end of the movie, God tells Bruce to “be the miracle,” and Bruce ends up adopting that as his new tagline.

I love this message.  In the movie, God is saying that we do miraculous things in our own lives.  We can be miracles for ourselves, but I think we can also be miracles to others.

#3 – Which leads to the message of Pay it Forward.  You do 3 things for 3 different people, but like the main character says, they have to be big things, things that the people can’t do for themselves.

The people who paid it forward in this movie were performing miracles, don’t you think?  With all the horrible things happening in the world right now, imagine if everyone started performing miracles for each other.

#4 – This past weekend, I heard a couple of guys talking on our local Christian radio station about how they always hear people say, “If I only had more money, I could do so much good.”  Even I have caught myself thinking, “When I’m finally out of debt and have some money saved, then I’ll be able to give so much.”  They explained, though, that money is not a prerequisite to doing good.  They gave the apostle Paul as an example.  All he did was write letters to comfort friends, and look at the huge impact he has had on Christian faith.

#5 – Recently, we’ve been short on money due to my husband being short on work, so I’ve been trying to sell Ada’s old baby stuff and other odds and ends that we don’t use any more on some of the local buy, sell, and trade Facebook sites.  A woman finally messaged me about buying a huge lot (50+ items) of 0-3 month baby clothing.  When we met, she told me that her husband is the pastor at a local church and that she was buying the clothing for a woman that was having a baby and was going to be a single mother.  I was so happy to hear that the clothing was going to a good cause, and the more I thought about it, the clearer this new idea became in my head…

What if there were a site to match people that needed miracles with people that wanted to be miracles for those people?  We don’t always have the resources to help everyone that we want to, but we might just have exactly what someone needs more than anything at that moment:  clothing, food, someone to talk to, a referral to a good church, etc.  A single mother could come on to the site and say, “I need 0-3m clothing,” and another person could say, “I have 0-3m clothing.  Here.”  To her, someone giving her a pile of free clothing for her new baby might be just the miracle she needed so that she could save money for formula, diapers, and wipes.  We all have things we don’t want, need, or use anymore.  Those things might just be someone else’s miracle.

So I started a Facebook group to get things started.   It’s Christmas, and Christmas is about giving.  Let’s try to be a miracle for at least one person this season!

If you need a miracle, please visit  Need a Miracle, Be a Miracle  and post what you need.  Read the pinned post for specific post requirements.

If you want to be someone’s miracle, read the posts by others.  Comment and connect (pm) with anyone you would like to help.  Be sure to also read the pinned post for some guidelines and tips on helping others.

Either way, please share the group on Facebook.  Get the word out!

A final note – As I went to Facebook to set up this group that I was so excited about starting, I read a few posts on my timeline.  One of them was from a local buy, sell, and trade group that I joined a few months ago.  Someone was warning everyone about a women that was asking for free baby items to a help a family in need.  Then, she was turning around and selling those items for a profit on other pages.  This hit my heart so deeply.  I started to question whether starting Need a Miracle, Be a Miracle was a good idea.  It might just be welcoming people like that–people that would take advantage of other people’s kindness.  Did I really want to deal with that or perhaps even be contributing to it by providing a spot for it?  I thought about it and prayed about it, and I finally realized that I can’t let the fear of what might happen stop me from helping others.  I hope others feel the same.

How have you been “a miracle” to others this season?  Share your inspiring stories here!



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