3 easy ways to eat more veggies

I’m a picky eater. I have problems with certain textures and tastes, so when it comes to most veggies, I’m such a kid. I have to hide the veggies in meals or find another palatable way to eat the vegetable.

Since on Weight Watchers, nearly all vegetables are “free” foods, meaning there are no points, it’s helpful to add them to meals so that I can get filled up faster with fewer points, and of course, there are the health benefits. 😉

Here are my 3 easy ways:

1. Broccoli Slaw – This is my favorite way because I absolutely love broccoli slaw in stir fry. It’s the best stir fry vegetable ever. It adds a nice crunch while at the same time feeling a little like noodles. Because of that, I don’t need as much rice to go with my stir fry, which is a real point saver.


2. Zucchini – Whenever my parents give us zucchini from their garden, instead of making zucchini bread (which is what I really WANT to do), therefore negating any of the health benefits I would receive from the zucchini, I use my food processor to shred the zucchini. Then, I put the shredded zucchini in ice cube trays and freeze them. Once frozen, then go into a bag and back into the freezer. Then, any time I cook anything in the skillet (stir fry, sloppy joe, etc.), I throw a few cubes in. Can’t even taste it. Barely know it’s there. Perfect for me!


3. Spinach – I pack a bunch of spinach into the Ninja or food processor and chop it up really fine. I do the same thing I do with the zucchini and just add it to any skillet dish. It just looks like added herbs. I’m completely fooled! 🙂


I actually have more than 3 ways, but I thought I’d start with these since these are the 3 I’ve been doing regularly and, in fact, just did tonight to make this super delicious stir fry!


How do you easily work more vegetables into your diet so that everyone gets more of the good stuff?


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