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Taking the 52-Week Saving Challenge

Have you seen this going around the Internet?  I saw several different versions of it around New Year’s Day.  This particular one comes from Pinterest.  The basic idea is that whatever week of the year it is, you save that much money, and then, by the end of the year, you’ve saved over $1,000 for whatever you need.  There are all kinds of variations of it, some in reverse, some for saving the amount for whatever day of the week you get paid, etc.

Whenever I have some extra cash at the end of a pay period, I put it in my jar and check that amount off the list, so I’m not exactly following the plan as is.  We also put all of our lose change from paying cash in a cup, and when I have enough, I roll that up, cash it in at the bank, and put that money in the jar, too.  For the last half of the year, I intend to do it in reverse so that I’m not trying to put larger amounts away while also trying to save for the holidays (which is why some might choose to do the year in reverse saving $52 the 1st week, $51 the 2nd week, etc. since you’d only be saving $10 for the whole month of December).

So if you’d like to save up some extra money, why not try the money saving challenge.  It won’t be 52 weeks, but if you start now, you’ll still save over $1,000!  (for Christmas vacation?  Christmas presents? paying down debt?)  Maybe some of you are already trying this plan or something similar.  What are you saving for?  I hope it’s something fun!




Buying Marked-Down Bananas

On an episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats, Alton is describing how he makes smoothies for breakfast every morning, and he gives some tips for choosing the ingredients.  He says that when it comes to smoothies, frozen fruits are best, and he especially likes bananas for their creamy texture.  This is when he gives the best tip:  buy the reduced-price/marked-down bananas, bring them home, wrap each one in plastic wrap, and freeze them.  They may look all beat up on the outside, but they’re perfectly ripe on the inside.

Well, guess what?  He’s right!  I’ve done this the last couple times I’ve gone to the store.  The first time, there were just three, but I bought them and froze them.  They were perfectly fine on the inside.  Today, I bought a bigger bunch, about 6 bananas.  I got them home and saw that I had paid 70 cents for organic bananas.  I hardly ever buy organic bananas.  We also bought a regular bunch of bananas and paid about $2 for them, so those smoothie bananas were a great deal!

This should really help my goal for the near future of having a smoothie every day for breakfast.

Give it a try!  Buy marked down bananas.  Bring them home, wrap them up, and freeze them for your smoothies.  Yummy!

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